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Whether you're thinking about Solar Electric, Solar Thermal or just general energy conservation, we have all the options you need. Please visit our store for details.

Conservation Products


Electricity Usage Monitor


Smart Strip outlets


Power Cost Monitor


Garden Composters


Composting Toilets


Wooden Clothes Drying Racks


Window Inserts






Energy Efficiency Products


CFL Lights


LED Lights




On-Demand Hot Water


Hot Water Heaters


Solar Powered Attic Fans


Energy Star Appliances


Eco Transportation






Renewable Energy Options


Solar Energy for residential and commercial applications


Evacuated tubes


Solar panels


Power Inverters


Wind Energy Systems


Micro-Hydro Power Systems


BioMass Stoves & Boilers


Portable Power


Farm & Garden


Fun & Education

We Design and install BOTH

• Electric Grid Connected

• Off-Grid Applications


Designed and Installed

Whole House to Small Camp

We also service generators!